Calendar of Events - June, 2021

Holding an informative event - a master class on the issue of human trafficking


On October 19, this year, an informative educational event was organized for the society cooperation partners and media in order to inform the participants on the achievements of "Shelter "Safe House"" in preventing the human trafficking, and to give participants a chance to take an interactive class – a master class on the issue of human trafficking. Among the active participants more than 30 various public institutions (including schools), non-governmental organizations, embassies and media representatives were involved.

"During the event, we tried to show the approaches we use when working with youth to develop resilience of this vulnerable demographic group in cases that involve taking different opportunities in foreign countries. I must admit, every participant of the class had their own view on human trafficking. Therefore, like we work with young people, we discussed the details of the topic and their personal experience, forming collective knowledge," Reinis Gravitis (Reinis Grāvītis) said, one of the educators on human trafficking of "Shelter "Safe House"". In Mr. Grāvītis opinion, it is essential that the matter is understood by various parties involved in preventing human trafficking. "Some may take personal interest, while others may find this training and education helpful in improving cooperation professionally, regardless of whether one is a social worker, classmasster, project manager or accountant – because we work as a team." 

As Mr. R.Gravitis told, the daily work of the youth educators involves conducting simulation games, organizing and conducting activities at schools, youth centres, orphanages and elsewhere. Their mission is to explain to youth the process of human trafficking, starting with recruitment. "During the training we discuss helpful issues like on-line safety, parts of labour contract, safety matter, when going or residing abroad, solving crisis situations etc. We discuss trust and safe ways to get information a lot." According to him, the educational work has been made at over than 100 educational institutions throughout Latvia.

The event also involved Krista Lubina (Krista Lubiņa), a student of form 11, Riga Hanza Secondary School, who is working on a scientific research paper appraising the efficiency of "Shelter "Safe House"" classes on human trafficking and has shared her findings.  She told that she had drawn her first conclusions based on youth surveys before and after these activities. In particular, training of such kind contributes to the education of young people immensely. "While initially a student may have had poor or no knowledge about human trafficking, after having taken the classes he/she becomes well informed on the issue, including recruitment and help opportunities," Ms. Lubiņa explained. She added that her research work is still in progress, and she expressed her gratitude to "Shelter "Safe House"" for the significant educational work in schools and the given collaboration chance.

Within the event, words of appreciation for work of the society were also said by Iveta Lazdina (Iveta Lazdiņa), Member of Board, "Bureau Veritas Latvia", who awarded the ISO 9001 quality management system certificate to society "Shelter "Safe House"". "Society "Shelter "Safe House"" has made a huge step forwards, showing that a non-governmental organization can also be recognised for its work performance, by auditing and appraising its process planning, analysis and development, in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard for quality management systems. By receiving the certificate, the society shows preparedness to continue operating according to systemic requirements: social rehabilitation services are evaluated and controlled, workers are prepared and trained, communication is regulated for how to act in different situations, including very tense, personally sensitive and sometimes very unpleasant situations so that they can be solved promptly and professionally", the "Bureau Veritas Latvia" representative told in her speech. "Congratulations and good luck to the entire team! The ISO 9001 quality management certificate was earned thanks to collective teamwork and contribution," Ms. Lazdiņa concluded.

This activity is carried out in the framework of the project „Multidisciplinary initiatives for prevention of human trafficking” financed by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. Implementation of the project will be commenced on 01.09.2014, and it will be completed on 30 November of this year. You can find more information on the EEA Grants programme “NVO fonds” here on the Latvian website of the EEA Grants: official website of the EEA Grants: Society “Shelter “Safe House”” is responsible for the content of this publication.

Information prepared by: Rasa Saliņa, PR consultant, e-mail: