Calendar of Events - June, 2023

ELECT THB meets to start the planning of national and international trainings


On 1 – 2 November 2022 the project partners of the ELECT THB "Enhanced Law Enforcement Cooperation and Training on Trafficking in Human Beings" joined together in Tallinn to start the planning of national and international trainings that will be organised in Estonia, Finland and Latvia in 2023 within the frameworks of the project.

The meeting was hosted by the Faculty of Law of the University Tartu. Along with the project partner organisations, invited experts from police, prosecution and labour inspections also participated in the meeting.

Participants agreed that trainings should be tailored according to the needs of law enforcement, prosecutors, judges and other parties that are involved in the criminal process. And the overall aim is to secure the convictions for trafficking crime.

During the meeting participants drafted the possible concept of two international trainings, of which one will take place in Riga, Latvia and will be dedicated to sensitising professionals on the cases of sexual trafficking.

The second international training will take place in Tallinn, Estonia and will be dedicated to labour trafficking cases.

Along with two international trainings, each participating country will organise 4 national trainings targeting specific country needs.


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