Calendar of Events - February, 2023

The Project CAPE "Competence building, Assistance provision and Prosecution of labour Exploitation cases in the Baltic Sea region" addresses human trafficking (THB) for labour exploitation in all Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS) Member States. The main objective of the project is to support stakeholders in combating and disrupting human trafficking for labour exploitation by analysing and consolidating information, improving assistance to victims and stepping up prosecution of traffickers.

This main objective will be achieved through a set of activities which will be carried out over 24 months and will be divided among the project partners, capitalising on their strengths and experiences in combating trafficking in human beings. Project activities include a kick-off meeting and three main components:

1. A baseline research component on trafficking for labour exploitation in Denmark, Germany, Latvia, Poland and Norway.

2. Three transnational experts’ workshops in Norway, Finland and Germany will be organised involving professionals and practitioners from all CBSS Member States.

3. A high-level conference to present the project outcomes and required actions in the CBSS Member States. Vilnius declaration on combating trafficking for labour exploitation will be developed based on the findings of the research reports and transnational workshops and adopted by the CBSS Member States.

Timeframe: 2 September 2019 - 31 August 2021

Project Leading Partner: Latvia: Ministry of the Interior, Project Manager: Ms Lāsma Stabiņa, National Anti-Trafficking Coordinator, e-mail:

Project Co-Partners:

Denmark: Department of Gender Equality in the Ministry of Environment and Food, Contact Person: Ms Kamilla Graver Petersen, e-mail:

Finland: Joutseno Reception Centre (Finnish Immigration Service), Contact Person: Mr Jari Kähkönen, e-mail:

Germany: Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Contact Person: Mr Jürgen Thomas, e-mail:

Lithuania: Ministry of the Interior, Contact Person: Ms Sonata Mickutė, e-mail:

Norway: Ministry of the Justice and Public Security, Contact Person: Mr Jan Austad, e-mail:

Poland: Ministry of the Interior and Administration, Contact Person: Ms Joanna Sosnowska, e-mail:

Project implementation is co-funded by the CBSS Project Support Facility (PSF), Ministry of the Interior of Latvia and Joutseno Reception Centre in Finland




Publications and information about implementation of the CAPE Project: